100 + Best YouTube Channels to Learn Photoshop in 2022
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Raster graphics editor Adobe Photoshop was created and released by Adobe Inc. for the Windows and macOS operating systems. When Thomas and John Knoll invented it in 1988, they had no idea what they were doing. When it first came out, it was a pioneer in the field of digital art and raster graphics editing.
To help you find the greatest Photoshop lessons on YouTube, the team at GFXMentor compiled a list of 100 channels.

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Photoshop’s essential tools and functions are covered in this series of lessons for both newcomers and more experienced users. In Photoshop, they might be referred to as “lifelines.”
In order to comprehend “how it occurs” and “why it happens,” you must first master the fundamentals. Start here if you’re a newbie! I wish you all the best.

To study Photoshop, PiXimperfect has more than 2.47 million members. Click “here” to listen to the playlist.

Daily Photoshop Tutorials

Everyday photoshop Tutorials offers you with innovative and educational tutorials for learning Photoshop correctly if you are interested in picture alteration. In addition, it teaches you to Photoshop’s most important and useful tools and features. As a result, you’ll be able to make better use of Photoshop’s features and discover new ones. Almost 15.2K people have subscribed to their channel. If you’re looking for video lessons in Photoshop, this is a great resource to use. Become a subscriber today so you don’t miss out on the newest content.

Photoshop Hustler

The YouTube channel Photoshop Hustler is a great place to learn adobe Photoshop. In this course, you’ll learn all you need to know about photoshop in order to become a successful graphic designer. You’ll learn a lot about utilising Photoshop to bring your creative visions to life. Their photoshop tutorials are excellent. This channel has a total of 33.8K subscribers. Get the latest news by subscribing to their YouTube channel.

Photoshop Creative TV

If so, where do you begin? Do you want to learn more about graphic design or Photoshop? Otherwise, welcome to your new home. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned graphic designer, Photoshop creative TV has a lesson for you. It’s a terrific approach for newbies to get a solid grasp on the software. They also include lessons for more skilled users, who may find answers to their questions there. They have a subscriber base of almost 69,500. So, sign up for their channel now and start subscribing to their content.

Photoshop Essentials

Photoshop Essentials is a great resource for both new and seasoned Photoshop users alike on YouTube. At the moment, there are 75.5K subscribers to this channel. On their YouTube channel, you may more efficiently study Photoshop CC and Photoshop CS6 courses. Many photoshop lessons are available on their site. From Photoshop fundamentals to picture retouching, psd box, photo effects and text effects are all covered in their youtube video lessons. They’re a great resource for learning how to take better photos. Now is the time to sign up for their classes.

Photoshop Tutorials by Webflippy

Among the most popular YouTube channels is Webflippy’s Photoshop Tutorials, which has amassed an impressive following. It has over 197,500 subscribers at the time of this writing. On this channel, you’ll discover some of the most helpful and fascinating lessons around. Glow Affecting work in Photoshop may be learned thoroughly. Photoshop can also teach you about more significant works. Subscribe to their YouTube channel for additional Photoshop tutorials if you want to become a master.


If you’re curious in what’s new in Photoshop 2020, go no farther than photoshopCAFE. Why? Because they’re always releasing new Photoshop tools and suggestions. Adobe Photoshop and other digital image software may be learned. Among Photoshop enthusiasts, this channel is a go-to source for lessons on anything from the basics to sophisticated post-processing techniques. Their channel has a following of 201k people. Start studying right now by subscribing to the channels they have.

Photoshop Tutorials – PSt

Photoshop Tutorials – PSt. is another excellent free resource for learning Photoshop tutorials. Because of their large subscriber base of 300,000 people. On Photoshop, you may discover a variety of educational videos. Because their goal is to get you up and running in a few of weeks. Furthermore, their instructions are presented in a visually appealing manner. There is no limit to what they can do for you. Get started right now by subscribing to their channel.

Photoshop Tutorials | Photo effects

YouTube channel Photoshop Tutorials is an excellent resource for learning Photoshop quickly and easily. Photo editing and text editing are among the topics they’ve addressed comprehensively in their tutorials. People in the digital painting and retouching fields will get a lot of value from this platform. This channel already has a subscriber base of about 516K users. Subscribe to their channel right now if you’re interested in learning more about Photoshop.

Adobe Photoshop

For those interested in learning Photoshop, Adobe maintains a dedicated YouTube channel. They’ve uploaded over 500 videos to far, all of which have helped their viewers get a deeper understanding of various topics. There are 555k people who have subscribed to this channel. You may begin studying Photoshop right now by subscribing to their channel.

Blue Lightning TV Photoshop

TV with Blue LEDs The Photoshop YouTube Channel is a popular one. It has a wealth of useful information for viewers. About 875K people are following this channel at the moment. Blue lightning tv photoshop can assist you in learning photoshop lessons. Due of the many tutorials they’ve put out that are full of helpful tips and tricks for using Photoshop effectively. Get in contact with them by subscribing to their channel.


All of your photos will appear better with PhotoshopSurgeon’s aid. They’ve organised their lessons really effectively. It will also help you learn about the subject in a step-by-step manner. Using their lessons, you’ll be able to edit your own photos and help others do the same. They’ve got about 924K people following them. By subscribing to their channel, you may also join this community.


tutorials for Adobe Photoshop, Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Illustrator may be found on the tutvid YouTube channel. This YouTube channel has 1.06 million subscribers. Tutvid is a design and photography instructor. As a result, following along with their lectures is a fun way to exercise one’s imagination. Follow and subscribe to their channel if you want to see the best educational and motivational films.

Photoshop Tutorials

One of YouTube’s most popular channels is Photoshop Tutorials. Nearly 1.11 million people are following this channel. Like Spoon Graphics, their photoshop instructions are easy to follow and follow along. You will learn how to use the Letter Portrait Effect primarily in this course. I think this lesson is really simple to follow. Subscribe to their YouTube channel if you wish to enhance your photography skills.

Photoshop Training Channel

Photoshop Training Channel is the greatest place to go if you want to learn how to use Photoshop professionally. Almost 1.1 million people are following this channel. It teaches folks how to use Photoshop in a short period of time. Masking, perspective matching, and more are all covered in this channel. You may master strong Photoshop methods that allow you to seamlessly integrate a subject into any backdrop. Start learning right now by subscribing to their channel.


PHLEARN is a great resource for anybody who wants to learn how to use Photoshop. It is estimated that this channel has 1.89M subscribers. This group is focused on figuring out how to teach Photoshop in the simplest and most effective way possible. Using real-world examples, they’ll teach you how to learn in the most efficient manner possible. Tutorials on picture alteration and graphic design are provided by them. In this manner, you will be able to develop your photography abilities and produce the greatest results. Become a fan of their YouTube channel.


Photoshop for Urdu/Hindi Beginners is a series of Photoshop tutorials. Even if you’re a seasoned Photoshop user, you may still profit from these tutorials since they’re the most comprehensive in Urdu/Hindi.

It’s no surprise that GFXMentor has more than 1M members. Click “here” to listen to the playlist.

Rajeev Mehta 

For the last ten years, Rajeev has worked as a freelance graphic designer, photographer, and filmmaker. You may get both Photoshop instructions and Hindi audio on his channel. Graphic Design, Photography, Filmmaking and Social Media Marketing in Hindi.
In terms of photoshop tutorials, Graphic Design Hindi Me has more than 324k members. Click “here” to listen to the playlist.

Graphic Design Hindi Me 

This is the place to be. Om Chinchwankar, an award-winning Indian graphic designer with more than 15 years of expertise in the field, created this design. His goal in starting this channel is to help, inspire, and instruct budding graphic artists everywhere. In addition to Photoshop, you’ll discover resources for Illustrator, CorelDraw, After Effects, and InDesign in his library of tutorials.
Graphic Design Hindi Me has more than 238k members, making it one of the top channels to learn photoshop. Click “here” to listen to the playlist.

Billi 4 You

There are no commercials in this 1 hour and 48 minutes lengthy Photoshop lesson. This tutorial was created with Photoshop newbies in mind. Founder of this channel Tausif will show you how to utilise the software’s most basic features and settings in this video. Make yourself a cup of strong coffee and wait for it to brew. As a result of this course, you should be able to create your own unique banners as well as interesting picture alterations.

Mir Rom 

All of Amir of MirRom’s free video lessons on photo editing and visual design can be found here. Digital Art, Photo Manipulation, Posters, Flyers, Movie Posters, and Web Design are all covered in this channel’s Photoshop lessons.

Lastly, here are my last thoughts on the 100 best Photoshop tutorial YouTube channels:
It’s easiest to learn Photoshop using these 100 channels. They include lessons for all levels of users, from novices to experts. Additional training in lightroom, video editing, and web design is recommended to help you progress in your profession. The photographic world will be a better place as a result. So don’t stop studying and become a Photoshop master. Like them, I hope you’ll become an authority in your field and have your own YouTube channel.

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