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The greatest free Photoshop pins for quicker and more creative creation of digital art. Free Photoshop brushes are fantastic tools for creatives since they allow you to produce digital art fast, efficiently, and affordably. You already have a plethora of pre-installed brushes in Photoshop, so why restrict yourself?

Thousands of free 3rd Photoshop brushes are available to help you broaden your toolkit. In fact, there are so many free Photoshop brushes available that it might be difficult to know where to go for the brushes you need. We’ve made things easy by compiling a thorough list of the greatest free Photoshop brushes accessible, sorted into brush categories.

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The list below and on the following pages truly has something for everyone, ranging from watercolours to pencils and spray paints. Even the best element texture brushes for flowers, water, and grass have been identified. While these brushes are free, be sure to verify the licence to confirm they’re legal for both commercial and personal usage before you begin producing. If you don’t already have Photoshop, you may acquire a free trial by clicking the link below. Meanwhile, keep reading to discover the greatest free Photoshop brushes for your creative endeavours.

Free Photoshop brushes for painting

Collection of canvas brushes

(Image credit: Radical Madder)

Radical Madder is the designer.

Usage: Personal and commercial use are both free.

Canvas Brushes Collection is available for free download from MyPhotoshopBrushes.

This set of eight brushes may be little, but its accurate pencil, pastel, and charcoal textures appear to have been applied to a canvas. With this package, you can utilize a variety of realistic canvas effects, ranging from streaky to triangular, to make your work appear like it was drawn directly on textured paper.

Brushes for digital oil painting

Do you want to make high-resolution oil paintings? Then these gorgeous brushes are for you. Martina Palazzese’s kit will allow you to create gorgeous textures that appear like actual oil paintings. Make certain that you are just utilising these brushes for personal purposes when you create with them.

(Image credit: MartinaPalazzese)

Martina Palazzese is the designer.

Personal usage is permitted.

DeviantArt offers Digital Oil Painting Brushes for free download.

Brushes for animation and illustration

Mateusz Urbanowicz designed this great set of free Photoshop brushes based on the ones he uses for animation backdrop and illustration painting. They combine opaque poster colour paints with not-so-sharp brush strokes to mimic the way conventional animation backgrounds are produced. They are most effective with bigger canvas size files, such as Full HD files. Mateusz requests that you link your artwork back to the original file if possible. The collection is free for personal and commercial usage.

Mateusz Urbanowicz is the designer.

Usage: This file is free for personal and commercial use, but please link back to the original download.

Matt’s Painting Set is available for purchase on Gumroad.

Concept art brushes 

Jeremy Fenske is the designer.

Usage: Personal and commercial use are both free.

Gumroad offers a free brush pack.

Jeremy Fenske is a Los Angeles-based idea and visual development artist. He’s not only given up this collection of Photoshop brushes for free but he’s also included a 35-minute film showing how he uses them. Check it out if you’re looking for some helpful hints.

Painting textures

Because these Photoshop brushes are textures, you may create some intriguing effects that are…well…textured.
They’re wonderful for backdrops and general experimenting. Check the rules for all usage, since the artist must be credited. If you don’t have credit, a business licence is only $3.

(Image credit: Obsidian Dawn)

Obsidian Dawn is the designer.

Usage: Free for personal and commercial use, but read terms for more information.

Painting Texture may be downloaded at DeviantArt.

Painting in the abstract

 (Image credit: Darrian Lynx)

Darrian Lynx is the designer.

Non-commercial usage is permitted.

Abstract Paint Brushes may be downloaded for free from AllFreeDownload.

This abstract paintbrush set provides a wide range of possibilities to experiment with.
Many of them are ideal for achieving a bright, sloppy, contemporary paint impression.
This brush collection is available for free for non-commercial usage only.

Photoshop brushes for wavenwater

Michael Guimont, a freelance concept designer and illustrator, created this complete set of Wavenwater Photoshop brushes based on his own personal collection of brushes and tool presets. We haven’t counted how many brushes are included in this package, but there are definitely a lot of alternatives here that may add significant flair to your artwork.

Michael Guimont is the designer.

Personal usage is permitted (contact artist for commercial licence)

Advertisement Download Wavenwater from DeviantArt

by wavenwater

Photoshop brushes by Sakimichan

Hakimian, a Deviant Art user, has made 56 of her favourite customized Photoshop brush for painting accessible for free download in this massive package. She suggests painting at 70-100 per cent transparency with the pressure option turned on and adds the brush already are set up for this.

by sakimichan

Sakimichan is the designer.

Usage: Commercial and personal use are both permitted.

Sakimichan Photoshop Brushes may be downloaded at DeviantArt.

20 Fractured Shatter Brushes (ABR)

This fantastic collection of 20 shatter brushes will add drama and intrigue to your work.This Photoshop brush set will assist you in creating the illusion of breaking glass, which you can use to your artwork in a variety of ways.The sky is indeed the limit.

(Image credit: Layerform Team )

Photoshop brushes for digital painting

Aaron Griffin is a self-taught graphic designer and concept artist recognised for his figure paintings (his work has even graced the cover of our sister magazine ImagineFX). He’s giving out the Photoshop brushes he uses to make his digital paintings for free.

by AaronGriffinArt

Aaron Griffin created the design.
Usage: Commercial and personal use are both permitted.

DeviantArt offers Digital Painting Photoshop Brushes for free download.

Strokes of thick acrylic paint free Photoshop brush set vol 2

Thick Acrylic Paint Strokes Volume 2 is the second instalment in a popular series of free Photoshop brushes from Creative Nerds that allows you to easily apply a genuine paint appearance to your designs. The brushes are free for personal and commercial use, but you may not redistribute or change them for profit.


Photoshop dry brush strokes

Chris Spooner’s Dry Brush Strokes is a great set of 12 free Photoshop brushes. These high-resolution dry brushes are extremely detailed, bristly, and textured. They have wispy lines and precise edges and are ideal for roughening up or distressing your artwork’s edges.

(Image credit: blog.spoongraphics.co.uk)

Chris Spooner is the designer.
Usage: Personal and commercial use are both free.

SpoonGraphics’ Dry Brush Strokes may be downloaded for free.

Flower brushes

This lovely floral collection is the work of artist Milka, alias Oxana Kuznetsova. It includes 15 Photoshop brushes inspired by roses, lilacs, dandelions, and other flowers. It’s ideal for flower designs, stationery, packaging, and prints.

 (Image credit: Milka)

Milka is the designer.
Usage: Personal and commercial use are both free.

Flower Brushes may be downloaded at thedesignest.

Dry brushes

These Dry Brush Photoshop brushes were produced at home by artist Kirk Wallace using ink and paper. They’re great for generating rough, harsh textures, and they’re also dynamic, allowing you to click and drag to span greater regions without getting an unsightly repetition effect, or you may paint with them.

 (Image credit:  Kirk Wallace )

Kirk Wallace is an artist.
Usage: Personal and commercial use are both free.

Download BoneHaus Dry Brushes

Spray paint

Creative Nerd is a designer.
Usage: Personal and commercial use are both free.

Spray Paint may be downloaded at CreativeNerds.
This spray paint effect Photoshop brush set is available to Creative Nerds users (subscription is free). The set includes four high-resolution brushes (2500px each) for adding a distressed touch to your paintings.

 (Image credit: Creative Nerds )

Speedpainting set

Darek Zabrocki is a concept artist who has worked on significant fantasy art projects such as Assassin’s Creed, Magic: The Gathering, and Halo Wars 2. He’s giving out the Photoshop brushes he uses for his speed paintings for free.

by darekzabrocki

Darek Zabrocki is the artist.
Usage: Personal and commercial use are both free.
DeviantArt has a Speed Painting Set that you may download.

Traditional painting set by Deharme – sample

This is merely a sampling of Lecouffe Deharme’s entire set of traditional painting brushes for Photoshop, but it includes oil, paint, charcoal, and smudge brushes. If you enjoy the sample, you can get the whole set of textured dynamic brushes from the designer’s website for $6.

Bastien Lecouffe is the designer. Deharme is available for personal and business usage at no cost.

Download the Deharme traditional painting set from MyPhotoshopBrushes

2 Watercolor Brushes

(Image credit: Snezhana Switzer)

Snezhana Switzer is the designer.
Personal usage is permitted.

Advertisement Download Watercolours Photoshop Brushes #2 from Dropbox
Snezhana Switzer created this comprehensive set of watercolor Photoshop brushes. It includes 40 Photoshop brushes that are all designed to seem like watercolors in digital paintings.

Photoshop brush with furry watercolours

(Image credit: Designer: Heygrey )

Heygrey is the designer.
Usage: Personal and commercial use are both free.

BrushLovers offers the Furry Watercolor Brush for free download.
If you want to get a soft, hazy look, use Heygrey’s free fuzzy watercolor Photoshop brush. It’s called a ‘furry watercolor brush,’ and the inventor proposes using it to create hazy backdrops. The realistic watercolor look created here really impresses us.

Photoshop watercolour brush: spray

(Image credit: Designer: Creative Nerds )

Creative Nerd is a designer.
Usage: Personal and commercial use are both free.

Watercolour Brush: Spray may be downloaded at CreativeNerds Advertisement
This Photoshop brush may be used to provide a large-scale watercolor spray effect to your artwork. It creates an incredibly genuine appearance that you may easily apply to your own digital artworks. According to its designer, it was a delight to make this brush.

Watercolour splatter

pstutorialsws is the designer.
Usage: Personal and commercial use are both free.

Watercolor Splatter may be downloaded at DeviantArt.
These watercolor splatters were done on cold press watercolor paper using professional-quality watercolor paint. The collection contains 32 high-resolution Photoshop bushes that can be downloaded for free.

(Image credit: Designer:  pstutorialsws )

Illustration brush set

Matt Heath is the designer.
Usage: Personal and commercial use are both free.

Gumroad Advertisement Download Illustration Brush Set

Designer Matt Heath produced this set of free Photoshop brushes with an 8B Staedtler pencil and unique settings, resulting in a natural feel and a broad variety of textures. Heath’s Gumroad page has them accessible — simply enter $0 to acquire them for free. Donations are always welcome, and if you enjoy them, Heath has a massive set of painting brushes available here.

 Ink brushes

Brittney Murphy is the designer.
Usage: Personal and commercial use are both free.
DeviantArt Ink Brushes can be downloaded.
This collection by designer Brittney Murphy includes 192 ink Photoshop brushes. Big slabs, tiny strokes, ink splotches, and everything in between may be found here. Murphy graciously distributes these brushes for free, with no credit required, as long as they are not redistributed.

(Image credit: Brittney Murphy )

Pencil Photoshop brush

Andantonius is the designer.
Usage: Personal and commercial use are both free.

Download Pencil Photoshop Brush from DeviantArt
Create the look of a soft pencil sketch without having your hands or paper stained with smudged lead. This pencil-effect Photoshop brush is one of the most realistic we’ve seen, and it’s free to download from DeviantArt, thanks to skilled digital artist Andantonius, alias Jon Neimeister.

(Image credit: Andantonius )

Photoshop brush for realistic charcoal

WojtekFus is the designer.
Usage: Personal and commercial use are both free.

Realistic Charcoal Brush may be downloaded at DeviantArt.
Charcoal is a vital element of every artist’s toolset, but it’s also the messiest. You can obtain those delicate charcoal lines with this fantastic charcoal brush set without smearing charcoal all over your hands and anything else.

(Image credit:WojtekFus)

Real markers

Eilert Janßen is the designer.
Usage: Personal and commercial use is free.


 Download Real Markers

This set of 12 free genuine marker brushes by Eilert Janßen allows you to create vivid artwork that seems like it was scribbled with marker pens. It’s ideal for fashion drawings, industrial design, and storyboarding. If you like what you see, you may purchase further Janßen brushes on his website.

By Eilert Janßen is the designer.

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