17 of the finest typewriter fonts
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This list includes a variety of traditional typewriter typefaces as well as some more unique ones. Using the greatest typewriter fonts in a variety of design tasks may be quite successful. They might provide a vintage or retro feel to a design, or they can just be visually appealing since we’re all so used to seeing them. Typewriter fonts aren’t just Courier; there are lots of other options, whether you’re searching for something classic or more colorful and odd.

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These typewriter fonts that we’ve selected are all premium alternatives. If you need a nice typewriter font, you may use any of these fonts, no matter how costly or cheap they are. It depends on whether you need the complete family or just one version of the typeface, and the kind of use you want to put it to.

Our favorite free typewriter fonts are also available if you’re working with a tight budget. In addition, check out our recommendations for the greatest free fonts and the best free wallpapers for typography enthusiasts. Our guides to the best Google fonts and the best Adobe fonts may also be of interest.

The best typewriter fonts

01. Thesis Typewriter

(Image credit: Ana Parracho)

To begin at $15 / £9.99.
Myfonts.com offers a free download of Thesis Typewriter.
Our favorite typewriter typeface is Thesis Typewriter. Weary, Regular, and Bold are the three variations. The most intriguing aspect of Weary is its textured appearance, which gives off a wonderful retro vibe. If you’re writing letters or lengthy messages, go with the Regular font; if you’re looking to make a statement, go with Bold.

02. Detective 

(Image credit: Inspirationfeed)

The starting price is $17.
Detective is a free download from Creative Market.
This hand-crafted typewriter typeface has a vintage look and feel. Because the characters are not all equally straight, it has a funky vibe while yet being classic enough to recall memories of Agatha Christie mysteries. It’s a win-win!

03. FF Trixie

The starting price is $55 / £39 / $55.
Myfonts.com has FF Trixie available for download.
Trixie, one of FontFont’s earliest fonts, is a great choice if you’re looking for a typewriter vibe. It was unclear where it came from until recently. Erik van Blokland served as its ‘foster father’ in The Hague. Who came up with the idea? At last, a solution was offered by the book, “Made with FontFont”. Triumph Durabel, Trixie’s “mother font,” was a Nuremberg native born in the 1930s.

04. Letter Gothic

This typewriter-style font was designed for IBM

In the early ’60s, Roger Roberson created Letter Gothic for IBM. Clean and attractive sans serif writing is used in its monospaced flat design. The font comes in a wide range of weights.

05. Olivetti Typewriter

Olivetti is great for mimicking the sloppy ink effect of older machines

This typewriter typeface, designed by Iza W, is ideal for emulating the messy ink appearance of earlier typewriters. Olivetti is a fantastic choice for a classic typewriter style since it comes in five different weights.

06. Courier M

Courier M was designed by Howard Kettler in 1956

Typewriter typeface Courier M was created by Howard Kettler in 1956 as a variation of the popular Courier font. It’s a lightweight typewriter typeface designed by the URW font foundry.

07. Colón Mono

Colón Mono was influenced by the aesthetic of a typewriter

Designer Ramiz Guseynov produced the Colón Mono type family, which has a single-spaced slab serif appearance. Roman and alternative styles available in two weights, with corresponding italics.

08. Erased Typewriter 2

A distressed font, Erased Typewriter great for creating authentic feel

Type designer Paulo W. created the distressed typeface Erased Typewriter 2. For generating a realistic type feel, it’s excellent. You may choose between ordinary, bold, italic, and underscore font weights to personalise your creations.

09. LTC Remington Typewriter Pro Set

This light weight typewriter font is beautiful and classical

Typeface LTC Remington is a traditional typewriter typeface with a sense of sophistication and unique letterforms that are light and easy to type on. There is a distinct lack of bulk and ink spillage as compared to the bulky ink spilled typewriter style of this sleek alternative.

10. IHOF Typewriter

P22 typewriter font is based on type found in old German documents

The typeface for the P22 typewriter font was inspired by a German-type conference paper. It has a wide range of applications since it strikes a delicate balance between distress and clear readability. An underlined version has also been included.

11. Intimo 

Intimo is a typewriter typeface alternative that combines the brevity of dots with the smudginess of typewriting stains. It’s a little unusual, but it’s still easy to read and has a good visual impact at different sizes.

12. Aminta

This quirky typewriter font takes cues from other type families

Gareth Hague’s Aminta Regular typeface is a stunning fusion of the typewriter courier’s individuality and depth with a refined Helvetica touch for a contemporary balance. It was created as an alternative, lightweight serif typeface for designers, and was inspired by a series of drawing and handwriting experiments. If you’re looking for something closer to the original typewriter font, but with a sleeker and more contemporary finish, Aminta Black is a good choice. This might make it seem as though the carriage is stuck because of how close the letters are to one other.

13. Grandpa’s Typewriter

Grandpa’s Typewriter is great if you need a really distressed old typewriter look

If you’re looking for a grainy or overlaid typeface with an aged, smudged effect, Grandpa’s Typewriter is a good choice. To create this five-font family, designer Eduardo Recife took inspiration from an older Olivetti typewriter and included all of the vintage typewriter’s effects. Each of the five versions includes a standard version, a strong-hit version, a light-distressed one, and one that includes typewriter typos, tests and stains. It’s ideal for designs that call for a shabby-chic vibe.

14. EF Mono

Distressed look gives this typewriter typeface an interesting style

Elsner + Flake design firm collaborated with Ilko Höppin to create this whimsical take on the Courier typewriter typeface. There is an amazing visual dynamic created by the cutout effect and the deformed writing.

15. EF Techno Script

By contrast to Mono, above, this is a crisp, clean typewriter typeface

With its clean-cut digital components and typewriter-inspired aesthetics, Elsner + Flake’s Techno Script is another example of an application-appropriate style.

16. Firenza

The Firenza fonts are based on a design that was in use at the turn of the 19th century

The Firenza font family was inspired by a design from the turn of the 20th century and has character forms reminiscent to those used on typewriters. Full character sets are available for each weight, including 232+ letterforms produced in the font’s style.

17. Chapter 11

Chapter 11 typewriter font is based on governmental typefaces

If you’re seeking for a typewriter-like vibe, Chapter 11 is the font for you. Rebecca Alaccari, a Canadian typographer, created this font, which is perfect for those who wish to experiment with a more authentic typewriter look.

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