30 Places to Learn Photoshop for Free
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Learn Photoshop for Free, Adobe Photoshop is one of the world’s most popular software products. Photoshop’s incredible image manipulation tools have been utilized in everything from Hollywood blockbusters to Internet memes, and it’s difficult to fathom the world without it.
Photoshop is a powerful tool, but it can also be daunting. Adobe has done an excellent job of making the software more user-friendly, but it is still a complicated program. To learn how to use Photoshop, you don’t need to be a skilled graphic designer or a digital marketing specialist.

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Use these six free tools to get started learning Photoshop, brush up on the fundamentals, and even learn advanced image alteration methods for free (or very cheaply). The following are some of the free/cheap Photoshop tutorials:

1. Adobe
3. Photoshop Cafe
4. Lynda
5. Digital-Tutors
6. Udemy

7. The learning and tutorials of Adobe

8. Photoshop Forums

9. Alison


11. Trevor Morris Photographics

12. Design Stacks

13. Photoshop Café

14. Photoshop Essentials

15. GCF LearnFree.org

16. Phlearn

17. Alec Markarian’s Beginner Tutorial

19. American Graphics Institute

20. Photoshop Star

21. Photoshop Training

22. Clipping Path India

23. Sleek Lens

24. Vandelay Design

25. Ultimate Photoshop



28. Specialist Inks


30. Shutterstock

1.The learning and tutorials of Adobe

Nobody is better aware of Photoshop than Adobe hence the best learning resources on the Adobe website should be your first call point.
Adobe divides its lessons into many groups based on the level of skill. Full starters should start with an overview of Photoshop’s potential prior to movement to the intermediate technology area. Here are brief videos on how to use the most common functionality of Photoshop, such as masking, color correction, cutting, vector and shape tools, and how to deal with layers and levels.


The Tuts+ network of learning sites is next on our list of places to learn how to free Photoshop.
Although the Tuts+ network offers premium content at a price, there are many free courses. Tuts+ tends to offer shorter courses on specific methods than focused on longer, project-based tutorials.

Tuts+ also includes various tutorials on basic digital imaging subjects, such as picture file typos and compression, in addition to the content on such themes as brushes, color corrections, and typography. These are highly helpful knowledge in the Photoshop newbie.

3.Photoshop Cafe

Cafe Photoshop is another great free tutorials resource. While their product variety is pushed very heavily over the entire site, you may still benefit from a lot of freebies.
While some of the photoshop café courses are similar to the ones offered by other sites, the language is simple enough to allow beginners to immerse themselves directly. Photoshop Café also gives visual guides on sometimes complex subject matter, like alpha channels and the automation of typical activities.


Lynda.com’s video tutorials are one of the greatest I have ever used and perfect for users who want to learn Photoshop carefully.
Some of the world’s finest digital artists host Lynda.com’s videos and cover a wide variety of topics. Lynda.com has a vast range of in-depth project-based tutorials to meet your expectations from one of the greatest training sites on the web, so it’s a great location for intermediate users to reach the next level.
The website also offers a range of alternatives, of which only $25 per month is the cheapest. You may also pay for access to features like project files and offline views

5.Digital Tutors

If you are willing to master the most advanced tools and techniques in Photoshop, digital tutors are imitable.
Digital-Tutors aims mainly at students who are interested in launching careers in the entertainment sector, offering a variety of tutorials to make the most of Photoshop. The range of subjects covered is impressive, from digital painting to concept art.
Digital-Tutors is also focusing on tutorials on how to use Photoshop as a tool in a broader creative workflow. Many videos show how Photoshop may also be utilized alongside software products such as After Effects, giving a thorough look at the ways in which Photoshop can be versatile – and essential – to c

Subscriptions start at $29 a month (with access to more than 2,000 courses in the whole digital tutoring catalog) as well as progress tracking and fresh daily training videos.


Udemy features a number of Photoshop online courses, but Manfred Werner’s course is the most popular.
This is one of the most complete Photoshop courses you can take almost anywhere, with a total of 33 hours distributed over 1,53 distinct sessions. You’ll have lifetime access, making it a terrific referral resource once you’ve paid for taking that course (which costs only $19).

Well, given this complement of Photoshop resources it works very much. Whether you are a savvy Photoshop professional or just began using this incredible software package, you will hopefully take some tips and tricks from one of those resources.

7.Photoshop Forums

Although this is not a standard learning platform, there is much information available in Photoshop Forums. The website is currently regarded as closed yet the threads remain. You can therefore dig into the archive to get solutions to your questions.


Alison offers access to two free courses to support you in learning Photoshop and to some additional courses that are helpful, such as tips on digital photography, like Udemy and other learning platforms.


Floqq offers a “Learning Adobe Photoshop in 30 Days” free course. The lesson consists of 30 steps and 32 videos (an introduction and conclusion, and one video for each step).


PluralSight, which recently bought Digital-Tutors (DTT), offers a comprehensive range of Photoshop lessons and courses.

Some of the information is suitable for novices while others need to know the program to achieve the objectives set out in the project. All this is nonetheless helpful and it is a terrific resource to learn nearly all Photoshop can accomplish.

11. Trevor Morris Photographics

Only a few Tutorials are presently available on this site, however, keyboard shortcuts for everyone who wishes to learn Photoshop are helpful. Why? Because it’s often so much quicker to push a few keys than to dig menus. And who doesn’t love to save time and trouble?

12.Design Stacks

Design Stacks provides shared tutorials that help you learn Photoshop from start to finish. You can start with principles that assist you to comprehend the notions of the photographic, special effects, and web layouts such as layer and non-destructive dodge and burn.

13.Photoshop Café

Photoshop Café is another website full of videos. You may learn to accomplish popular chores using their educational content such as cutting trees, shaping the text, and how to make a picture a pencil sketch.

14.Photoshop Essentials

“With beginners in mind” is the basis for every Photoshop Essentials session. You can directly access the information on the site or through your YouTube channel buddy.

Some of the data is essential, such as how photographs can be opened with the software, while others focus on fun changes, such rainbow colorful eyes.

15.GCF LearnFree.org

GFCLearnFree.org’s free tutorial allows you to have access to 10 main classes and 5 extras, including a quiz that allows you to test your skills.

These modules are aimed at novices, but make learning Photoshop easy from the start.


Phlearn can connect you with many resources in one area for a wide array of video lessons that allow you to learn basic, advanced Photoshop methods as well as a range of special effects.

Many of the courses are free, but if you want to have a better understanding of Photoshop, there is also a membership option to allow you additional access.

17.Alec Markarian’s Beginner Tutorial

Alert Markarian is here to assist you to learn Photoshop basics if you’re seeking decent video instruction. This might help you create a solid basis for your knowledge base. The tutorial is easy to follow and perfect for jumping into the Photoshop world.

18. American Graphics Institute

US Institute of Graphics — Such a website is ideal for learning Photoshop. With basic methods or simply sketching simple flowers, how to draw a dog, and more, you may enjoy a selection of free instructions. These ideal guides can assist you in swiftly acquire vital Photoshop skills. They even contain information at a range of degrees of competence.

19.Photoshop Star

This unique website offers several helpful lessons to help you develop your talents. They focus on cool effects that can be inserted and teach the fundamentals of Photoshop. Since this is what the website is about, you know that you are concentrating on content.

20. Photoshop Training.3

These sections have a large breakdown of photoshop competencies. You can learn essential tricks with different kinds of lessons. As a bonus, you have access to extra content with your subscription. This is excellent to quickly learn fascinating photo modifications. You’ll be taught what you need to know for great edits.

21. Clipping Path India

A variety of fantastic Photoshop resources is available on this website. You can browse through your instructions for basics and more. These fast breakdowns help you get the best from Photoshop at no extra cost.

22. Sleek Lens

This incredible website is meant to make better pictures of you. This is an excellent place to begin if you want to learn Photoshop. You can enjoy fantastic information for beginners and advanced things. If you want to learn something new or challenge yourself, this is an important source of knowledge.

23. Vandelay Design

This wonderful website for design is here to enhance the world’s beauty. You can appreciate complete breakdowns in Photoshop’s precious abilities to pop up your photographs. This is a terrific toolkit for individuals who want a more professional experience in photography. It has a range of amazing courses for you to learn.

24. Ultimate Photoshop

You can register with this site and access a library of important guides to keep you up-to-date. These guidelines can be downloaded from and discussed with all Photoshop user levels. They have distinct focuses on each collection that make them perfect for a comprehensive Photoshop crash lesson.


This wonderful tutorial collection is meant to provide you with the abilities you need. They offer a wide range of tutorials to help you get the most out of Photoshop. Given Photoshop’s pricing, it is worth learning how to use it free of charge. This place breaks them by certain abilities as a bonus.


They offer that after just seven days you would be able to do Photoshop in Guru99. This unique collection of tutorials for crash courses is ideal for novices. You can easily employ the key elements that you will have to start with. You will be ready to run your Instagram in elegance in about one week.

27. Specialist Inks

This site offers a number of entirely free instructional collections for Photoshop. They give skills-based and focused sets and readily break things down to get to work. This is an excellent place to begin if you want to focus more on the system itself. Understanding the system is essential in order to master Photoshop.

28. Zymic

You may have heard about this website, yet there is no lack of knowledge from Photoshop. Complete instructions on a few really complex topics can be found on this site. It is great for people to begin or improve their existing skills. Check these pages for great new talents to practice! For your convenience!

39. Shutterstock

A broad collection of photographs is available at Shutterstock which people like to utilize for different reasons. They sprung into the realm of tutorials from Photoshop. A collection of classes is available to assist you to quickly learn Photoshop. Given that they know visuals so well, why this could be of interest to them is easy to see. Legendary Photoshop more experienced equals greater provision of their photos.


The use of Photoshop is a worthwhile knowledge in modern times. It gives you the opportunity to bend your photos to your liking. For photographers, digital artists, and everyone else that can be helpful.

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