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About this app

The greatest gaming experience is produced by this GFX tool, which uses entirely bespoke settings without compromising on quality.
Winner Winner Chicken Dinner’s ultra graphics mode.
You may adjust the game visuals with the most suited settings using the gfx tool for PUB.

This program provides you with the finest gaming experience and the best tool for taking the best sensitivity, making it the ideal tool to improve battlefield gameplay.

App features:
✅ Extreme FPS levels can be unlocked, 
✅ GPU optimisation can be enabled or disabled, 
✅ resolution can be changed,
✅ HDR graphics can be unlocked on low-end devices,
✅  anti-aliasing can be enabled or disabled, 
✅ graphics style settings can be changed,
✅  shadow can be enabled or disabled, 
✅ and rendering quality can be changed to low,
✅ Graphics Rendering Level: Enhance the quality of graphics

✅Shadows Quality
✅ Frame Rate
✅ (MSA) Anti aliasing
✅ Color Style
✅ Graphics API
✅ Shadows Quality
✅ Moving Shadows
✅ Light Effects
✅ Sound Quality
✅ Excalibur Boost

How To Use GfX Tool :

✅ First Open GfX Tool Application
✅ Select Your Graphic And Resulations Options
✅ If you want to save That Setting you can save it
✅ Click on Apply And That’s it

Gameplay may be started with GFX Tool Fps Tools Pub.

Updated on

26 Jul 2022

Sheila Tanmore_vert ****

3 June 2020

Hello to any one who rates this 1 star its because of the version details/ when in pubg global version it will make it smooth trust me i did experiments on this gfx tool and for korean ver: it is no use its ony for low device because korea is a server thats lag to low devices and china ver is also same to global and however for lite not this gfx tool for lite because it will be no use on lite because lite is designed for low devices and good devices but i do recommend this for tool to help


30 June 2020

This app is awesome believe or not it reduced lag so much that some times I used to CLUTCH enemies easily without any lag. BEST GFX TOOL

Samuel Evanmore_vert

27 August 2020

Very good lag fix 95% Before i use this fps is only 25-40 After i use this app it almost lock 60 fps i reccomend this app so much Only this app that i use is working so well fast render and lag fix🤩🤩🤩i hope u update more and the feature is getting better for my phone performance the best gfx tool ever I reccomend you guys to download this app😁😁😁

Aakash Mishramore_vert

11 June 2020

Hii developers In my mobile phone there is only 2.32 GB RAM Please help me to get HD graphics and no lag Please help me IF you can

Raja Sarimmore_vert

29 May 2020

It is the best gfx tool mn game pubg lite so hanging but I saw a vedio of this gfx tool in YouTube and install it mn full 100 persent lag fix will be solved I think so that it I’s the father of gfx tool

What’s new

performance improvement
some bugs fixed

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