Packaging trends for 2023 14 trends of the future for packaging in 2023
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Now that 2022 is coming to a close, it is time to take a look at the churning cauldron of current trends in package design and to make some informed assumptions as to what may sprout across the industry in the next year. At the end of yet another difficult year brought on by the pandemic, it has become clearly evident that buyers are on the lookout for things that are both appetising and unweighted. This is due to the fact that the pandemic has caused an increase in the number of people who are obese.

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The employment of whimsical characters to evoke a grin, the use of tranquil colour palettes, and a homage to simpler times through nostalgic design are some of the themes that are beginning to appear in package design for 2023. These are just some of the motifs.

The following is a list of the 14 significant advancements that will occur in package design in the year 2023:

  1. Minimalism
  2. The use of curving lines and colour blocking
  3. Pay Attention to the Layout of the Type
  4. the psychedelic movement that emerged in the 1960s
  5. the practise of seeking solace in one’s product’s presentation
  6. packaging design trend is “fake 3D deco,”
  7. The combination of complexity and symmetry is a recipe for success.
  8. The Grace and Charm That Abstraction Brings to Art
  9. The Fallacy of Considering Depth
  10. Examples Relating to the Product
  11. Maximal inside, minimum outside
  12. Raw materials that aren’t ideal in any way
  13. Colors built up in layers via the use of cutting and pasting
  14. Rubber hose heroes are king!


It is not difficult to see why minimalism is appealing to such a vast number of people. Keeping the product’s packaging simple has two distinct advantages: first, it endows the item with an alluring aura of straightforwardness and honesty; second, it ensures that the items always seem organised and refined. Packaging that is as unobtrusive as possible is becoming more fashionable, particularly in the cosmetics and beauty industries. As a result of the success that well-known companies like Summer Fridays and Honest Beauty have had with adopting minimalistic designs, and the fact that more and more brands are quickly following in their footsteps, it is reasonable to anticipate that minimalism will continue to be a popular aesthetic choice in 2023.

The use of curving lines and colour blocking

The trend of overlapping or combining different coloured blocks has been popular for some time, but recently, designers have been moving away from the straight lines and severe forms that have previously dominated packaging in favour of more organic and soft designs. This shift comes as a response to consumers’ growing preference for more environmentally friendly products. It is possible for businesses to use curved shapes like these on their packaging in order to give the impression of being more natural and accessible to customers by calling to mind parts of nature that are already known to them. This gives a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to establish a brand identity that is endearingly earthy and joyous when mixed with stronger colours, which is a unique opportunity.

Pay Attention to the Layout of the Type

A spectacular comeback in the use of typography as a medium for visual communication can be seen in the design industry in recent years. Because font designers are now able to be considerably more ambitious with their inventions, businesses may choose to differentiate their goods from those of their rivals by using lettering that is striking and unique. The use of typography in a variety of different ways, such as repetition, unique composition, engaging language, and other methods, may contribute to the successful design of packaging in a number of different ways.

The style of design that acknowledges the intricacy of type design and celebrates it as an art form in its own right is now quite fashionable. This design style puts a focus on the written word.

There are no images nor drawings included; rather, the emphasis is placed on prominent typefaces, which are brought to life with the assistance of striking colour contrasts. The conventional understanding of typography, according to which aesthetics should take priority over readability, is being called into question by this trend.

the psychedelic movement that emerged in the 1960s

The psychedelic style that was popular in the 1960s is one of those design trends that will never seem to be out of place since it is a classic. As we go farther into the pandemic, the contemporary take on the return of psychedelia from the 1960s transports us to a time when love, peace, and happiness were unrestrained; all of these are things that we need more of.

you can also see packaging-design :

These package designs that were influenced by the 1960s stand out because to the distorted font, ‘groovy’ waves, and brilliant colours that are contrasted with contemporary elements.

the practise of seeking solace in one’s product’s presentation

is especially pertinent at this point in time in 2022, considering the continuation of disturbance on a worldwide scale; it offers the much-required feeling of calm and serenity that so many of us need at this juncture. This initial breath of relief is brought on by the use of muted and complementing colours, while the usage of basic material and minimal typefaces promotes easy reading.

Because of the prevalence of the calming phenomena that is known as an autonomic sensory meridian response, shiny, smooth, or intentionally textured packaging surfaces provide an additional layer of peace and tranquillity to the product (ASMR).

packaging design trend is “fake 3D deco,”

an inventive pseudo 3D graphic artwork that lends an air of sophistication and modernity to the overall appearance. Customers’ attention may be easily captured by using optical illusions that provide the sense of depth in the product being marketed to them.

Faux 3D is an excellent design idea for high-end technology things because it gives the purchaser the impression that they are making an investment in a product that is at the cutting edge of its field and that they will receive their money’s worth from it.

The combination of complexity and symmetry is a recipe for success.

In contrast to the prevalent minimalist aesthetic, several recently released products have ornate features in their packaging. Including highly detailed artwork on the box has the potential to be a game-changer if it is managed correctly. Specifically, symmetrical designs provide a sense of both visual order and consistency to the overall composition. When a product is presented in ornate packaging, consumers are more inclined to examine it for a longer period of time. Even though the vast majority of major corporations appear to be adhering to the principles of simplicity at the moment, it is likely that in the year 2022, more corporations will adopt a different, more complicated approach to package design in order to differentiate themselves from the other businesses in their industry.

The Grace and Charm That Abstraction Brings to Art

In recent years, designers have chosen a more creative approach to packaging, resulting in the creation of works of art that stand on their own as independent entities. It is becoming more common for products to come in packaging that also include artwork, especially abstract art. The conventional limitations that have been placed on this sector are being eradicated as a result of the elevation of package design to the category of fine art; this has paved the way for the production of really extraordinary and unique packaging.

The Fallacy of Considering Depth

Designing packaging that is both magical and deceiving never fails to excite. As more businesses see the marketing potential of this method, there has been a recent upsurge in the practise of generating three-dimensional images on two-dimensional surfaces. This may be attributed to the fact that there are more two-dimensional surfaces available. It may be possible to add a whole new level of visual appeal to a company’s branding by performing a simple action such as throwing a shadow on the objects of the package or by using more complex lighting effects.

Examples Relating to the Product

Illustrations of symbols related to the product that is contained inside the container, often shown on a very small size, have the potential to be quite successful in package design. Icons and illustrations that hint at a product are undeniably valuable from a functional perspective since they provide potential customers an idea of what they will be buying. Images of this kind are quite useful when it comes to the process of developing a visual identity for a brand because they enable consumers to make the mental link between the product and its packaging, which in turn increases the likelihood that customers will remember the brand.

Maximal inside, minimum outside

When the beauty of the interior of a jacket matches the beauty of the exterior, you know you’re looking at something really special. It would seem that the same is true for packing. When you open up your product with its minimal packaging, it is such a delightful surprise to find that it has been well crafted on the inside.

Your company’s logo is deceptively simple and understated on the surface, but upon closer inspection, it reveals a riot of vibrant colours and opulent visuals that are sure to leave your consumers ecstatic and make them think of your business long after they’ve gone on.

Raw materials that aren’t ideal in any way

Companies who want to advertise their eco-friendly image and touch on the understanding of their consumers’ concerns about the climate situation absolutely need to employ earthy, irregular textures (excuse the tongue twister).

One way to demonstrate your brand’s commitment to a sustainable posture in an industry that is increasingly rewarding businesses that put sustainability at the centre of their offering is to use packaging that is both ethical and biodegradable. This is one way to demonstrate your brand’s commitment to sustainability.

A gradation of colour may be achieved by printing ink over off-white textured materials that have been reused.

Colors built up in layers via the use of cutting and pasting

Collage is still widely used as a component in design, although the dominant design trends of this year highlight geometric patterns and several colour layers. Paper that has been ripped and has rough edges promotes recycling, which is helpful for reaching out to consumers who are environmentally sensitive.

It’s possible that using this style of packaging may help you reach your target market of creative, high-earning customers in an autonomous setting where collage is still fashionable.

Rubber hose heroes are king!

Who are these jovial looking individuals who seem to be prancing around on all of our packaging? Rubber hose creatures have lately enjoyed a worldwide resurrection at the hands of illustrators who have given them more polished brushwork and snarky, hilarious attitudes. These creatures were popularised in the 1920s by painters such as Bill Nolan and Walt Disney.

These figures are successful in accomplishing that objective, which is the purpose of any excellent packaging design—namely, to provoke a joyful emotional reaction from the customer—and they do it with flying colours. Characters from the year 2022 wear hats, shoes, and tattoos on a regular basis, which gives them a more contemporary appearance than the first rubber hose figures from the 1920s.

Are you excited to see the new advances in package design that will come out in the year 2023?

The trends in package design that we may expect to see in 2023 tell us one thing, and that is that when consumers make their purchases, they are seeking for a feeling of tranquilly and nostalgia.

Check out our wonderful variety of designers who are ready to repackage your product if it requires an update or if you want to produce a new product. If any of these situations applies to you, we encourage you to check out our collection.

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