What Does a UI/UX Designer Do?
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Learn more about a UI/UX designer‘s essential tasks, duties, and abilities and discover out in this thorough guide which companies in potential UI/UX applicants are looking for.

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What we’re going to cover here:

What is a designer in UX and what is a designer in UX?

What are the designers of the UI and what are they doing?

What is a UI/UX designer’s salary?

What is a Typical Job Description UI/UX Designer?

What are a UI/UX designer’s key competencies?

5 Common Job Roles UI/UX Designer

What are a UI/UX designer’s key responsibilities?

Job FAQs for UI/UX Designer

What is a designer in UX and what is a designer in UX?

When interacting with a digital or physical product, such as a website or a coffeemaker, user experience (UX) designers create the optimum experience for the user.
Some focus on creating services, such as enhancing the entire experience of public transit and a doctor’s visit.

Their primary focus is to research consumers, understand their behavior, and design a user experience that allows the user to complete his or her intended objectives with little effort.

The daily operations of a UX designer differ considerably from business to firm, however, several common tasks include:

Perform user investigation.
Users and their behavior, objectives, motivations, and requirements.
UX teams may utilize different means, such as user/stakeholder interviews, competitive analyses, online surveys, and focus groups to obtain information.
Data are processed and transformed into qualitative and quantitative decision-making information.

Build user individuals.
Identify important user groups and create their behavior and demographic representatives.
Persons may use them to produce in-depth scenarios, which illustrate how the product is in the daily routine of the consumer.

Identify the digital product information architecture.
Organizing material for the user to do work or teach them about the product in the context of an app or a website.
An efficient architecture of information shows users where they are and how to locate what they need—think of a seat map or a chat board with rapid answers.

User and wireframes design flow.
The creation of a low design fidelity.
Wireframes illustrate a user path across a website or application, containing UI components like as buttons or pictures.
These are represented by placeholders in a simplified form.

Build prototypes.
Generating a pre-development interactive final version that is clickable or tactile.
It should allow the user to test the principal product interactions.
Modern tools also allow designers to capture prototypes as movies that may walk consumers through the design capabilities of the product.

Real consumers test items.
Collect user input on a minimal viable product (MVP).
An MVP is the initial iteration of a product having the necessary basic qualities.
Product testing (designers collect user input with particular questions) can be organized or unstructured (users are left to themselves for information product testing).

Descriptions of work UI designers: What is needed for skills and experience?

In various firms, the job of the user designer might be varied.
It is not unusual for the function of UI design in smaller teams and startups to encompass a broad variety of duties — such as user investigations or a better understanding of UX concepts.

You could discover that every designer’s function is more apparent at a huge firm with a larger design team.
Probably you will work rigorously on the user interface design in this scenario.

That said, there are some talents and criteria on which most — if not all — job descriptions of the designer are concerned.

Take a look at the most prevalent aspects throughout your user interface design

Description of work for the Junior UI designer

You might concentrate your search on junior posts if you were a newly certified UI designer.

Junior positions sometimes take 0-2 years of experience, and soft skills are a major priority.
At this point, entrepreneurs need someone who has not only learned the basics of UI, but is willing to learn and go to work.

Some of the important talents in a Junior UI designer ad you might expect to see here:

Difficult talents

Web and mobile app design experience. experience.

Work on reactive design and grid concepts.

Strong typeface, design, and visual design capabilities.

Industrial tools work knowledge: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Balsamiq, Omnigraffle, InVision

Soft Fähigkeiten

Strong care for detail.

Proactive working approach, independent.

Strong communication and abilities for collaboration.

Time management and priority capacity. Efficient management of time.

Strong care for detail.

Want to develop as a designer and to improve.


HTML, JavaScript, and CSS working skills.

Experience in quick prototyping.

Let’s not be turned off by ‘nice-to-haves that are commonly described as ‘recommended expertise and experience.’
Languages on the frontend, for instance, do not consider as a UI design talent technically.
It’s absolutely not a deal-breaker if you don’t know how to code, especially as a Junior UI designer.

To apply for a job, you don’t have to tick each box.
As long as you are eager to learn, it doesn’t matter whether your abilities are deficient.
You should have the chance to learn from experienced designers by playing a junior design position; if you have the proper soft skills and proven enthusiasm to use, the precise match of talents is by no means necessary.

Descriptions of job UI designer

So how does it look when the “junior” portion is removed and user interface designer positions are searched?

Descriptions of jobs for UI designers vary widely from business to firm, but years of experience are often between 3 to 6.

You will be required to play a leadership position as an IT designer with several years’ experience with developers, product managers, authors, and other designers.
You must meet schedule and financial constraints and be able to make – and explain – design decisions with confidence.

What is generally done by a UI Designer?

Working with other artists and designers, UI Designers spend lots of time working with the whole product design process.
A UI Designer should be able to provide a clear overview and to include input from team members and clients if a project is to succeed.


A UI designer will develop a style guide (colors, typography, etc.) for each project. Decide what points the user interacts with and where the points of contact lead, then design the contact points (buttons, icons, etc.).

Test and prototype

Testing is a crucial aspect of the job of the UI Designer.
Prototyping displays in real-time design interactions and allows testing as well.
Prototyping and testing help find weaknesses in the design and ensures that the final product meets projected expectations.

The design of the UI is not UX

The overlap between UX and UI Design may be quite challenging since these responsibilities depend on the organization, resources/team size, and methods provided.
It should be noted, however, that UX and UI have two very different roles:

UX is focused on user travel structure (blueprints)

UI has smart methods to show the data (creativity and voice)

This practical map might assist illustrate where certain terminology can fit under each role:

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