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No one was right when they predicted that 2022 would bring a happy end to COVID-19. This year, the pandemic hit close to home for all of us. It altered the ways in which graphic designers transmit information and maybe portray businesses or themselves.

The shocking events of the last year have paved the way for a new, more experimental wave of psychedelic design. We also learned that in today’s market, firms can’t succeed without a robust social media presence and that customers are becoming pickier and pickier about the authenticity of the brands they support.

Graphic Design Trends What’s Coming in 2023 Expert Tips | graphic design trends for 2023

It is challenging to predict future graphic design trends in light of the existing atmosphere.

Instead, let’s take a look at how recent innovations in graphic design can affect everything from advertising and journalism to the job market and interpersonal communication. We’ve got you covered on the commonalities between these patterns, too.

Important visual design tips for integrating these movements into future reports, infographics, and social media postings will also be shown to you.

The year 2023 will see a rise in creative pragmatism.

In 2022, it will be important for designers to balance creativity with realism in their work. All the while clearly fulfilling their intended purpose, the resulting designs will be both visually arresting and emotionally stirring.

As a visual and communication designer who has made it through the roller coaster that has been this year, I will illustrate (with words and photos, this time) how I see creative pragmatism.

The answer lies in the definition of creative pragmatism.

“Creative pragmatism” is a concept that merges the artistic with the practical.

Taking chances, openly expressing oneself, and inspiring others are all vital to the creative process. Having a pragmatic viewpoint means you prioritize real-world considerations above abstract ideas.

The Great Resignation may be traced back to the widespread pessimism and indifference caused by the pandemic and the sense of impending doom that it disseminated. Employees have reached rock bottom, prompting a thorough reappraisal of their professional and personal goals.

From musicians to accountants, everyone in the workforce wants to feel like their efforts are appreciated. Meanwhile, after being apart for a time, people are beginning to appreciate the value of keeping in touch with those they care about.

In this manner, we arrived at a creative pragmatism.

It exemplifies a more risky and emotive design approach with an emphasis on communicating meaning.

Some of the most anticipated 2023 developments in graphic design stem from the point when imagination and reality collide:

  1. Icons of retrofuturism from the 1990s
  2. Synthesizing dynamic data visualizations
  3. Intensified contrast
  4. 4 Two- and three-dimensional character illustrations
  5. The value of typeface experimentation
  6. a six-part, abstract, and asymmetrical design consisting of a background and patterned elements

Pro Advice 1- Icons of retrofuturism from the 1990s

Thanks to the innovative reuse of outdated materials, ’90s-style psychedelic graphics and stickers are making a return.

The psychedelic look has a commercial purpose despite its historical ties to the counterculture and the surrealist movement.

You may expect to see these wacky, upbeat emoticons wherever you go on the web shortly. One of the most distinguishing features of this design trend is its emphasis on an authentic, eye-catching, and frequently hand-drawn look.

Tips for creating eye-catching designs that pay homage to the ’90s retro-futurist aesthetic

Utilize graphics like stickers and icons to spread the word about your company while also showing off your own flair.

Then, use them with the fonts you’ve chosen to advertise your company through mediums like retail packaging and the web. You may easily make business flyers in this fashion. Try looking at the examples we’ve given.

Pro Advice 2- abstract, asymmetrical design with a background and motifs

Since the geometric backgrounds and patterns that were popularised by the retro style will continue to be popular in 2023, you can expect them to be a big hit.

The 2021 trend of geometric patterns, which Abstract Geometry helped popularise, is just now starting to get up momentum. Symbols will likely be used more often in the creation of unconventional, asymmetrical patterns as a result of the rise of creative pragmatism. Methods for improving visuals using abstract asymmetrical patterns and geometric shapes

These designs are so flexible that they may be used to everything from advertisements to annual reports. You can see several examples in the links I’ve supplied. It is possible to create geometric patterns by continually assembling the same basic shapes.

Pro Advice 3- Intensified contrast

“a wide and distinct assortment of colours” will bring together “our need for peace and comfort with free-spirited optimism and cheerful adventure,” according to the Pantone Color Institute’s forecast for Spring/Summer 2022 during New York Fashion Week.

Please provide some examples of colours that are really different from one another.

Blue and yellow, for instance, as well as purple and pink, sit on opposite sides of the colour wheel and are, thus, complimentary colours.

Figure out how to use and make the most of strong contrast in your photographs.

When demonstrating creative pragmatism, it is most effective to use polar opposites. In 2022, you may update your landing page, research report, and infographics using this colour scheme.

Pro Advice -4 Two- and three-dimensional character illustrations

We all saw the meteoric rise of 3D graphics on the web and social media in 2022. The rebirth of 2D hand-drawn illustration is happening despite the fact that the 3D graphic trend is still going strong and even expanding. Artistic designers and artists have given birth to a new mashup genre by fusing 2D and 3D aesthetics via the application of creative practicality. Blending the realism of 3D photos with the spontaneity and authenticity of 2D sketches, this new genre of art is really unique. Integrating Character Art Into Visuals: Best Practices

Marketers still have the finest choice for both visual and audible communication when it comes to scenario drawings, even if 3D-style material becomes the norm on the web.

The main characters and the bad guys in a scenario are usually shown working on a common goal. In 2022, the retro-futuristic style of the 1990s will be heavily referenced in scenario drawings.

Pro Advice 5- The value of typeface experimentation

It’s the year 2022, and the world of typography is evolving rapidly. Recent examples of typography used in film and TV poster design include Loki and The Squid Game.

The meaning of “experimental typography” and how to use it into your projects.

In the field of typography, what are some instances of innovative pragmatism?

Don’t be afraid to play around with different fonts and images in your work. Making a poster or other visual representation of your brand’s goal in this way may be a lot of fun.

Serif fonts are also becoming more popular in 2022. If you take a careful look, you’ll see that most experimental typography makes use of serif typefaces. Why? Because serif fonts are more aesthetically pleasing and easier to read. This is a collection of the most versatile fonts for experimentation without sacrificing readability or utility.

Pro Advice 6- the presentation of facts in an interactive format

In preparation for the growing need for skilled data visualizers, the field has advanced to new heights. Interaction, here you come!

Interactive data visualisation may be possible in 2019 as a result of developments in virtual reality and augmented reality. The phrase “walking into your data” refers to this in BadVR’s jargon.

You don’t have to take part in every trend.

We have finished making our predictions for 2023’s most important developments in graphic design.

The search for community and a sense of purpose is illuminated by these characteristics. At Piktochart, we are just as thrilled as you are.

Your predictions about the future of visual communication in 2023.

Which current styles are you most looking forward to using in your next visual assets (such as infographics, annual reports, films, and presentations)?

At the end of the day, you shouldn’t feel like you have to follow any of the above trends in taste.

Whatever the fad, the most important thing is that your visuals convey your message to your audience.

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